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How do Google Ads work?

As a premier Google Ads Agency, we ensure your ads are placed in front of the right audience, targeting keywords essential for your business. When someone searches for a keyword that we’re targeting (in your ads), your Google ad will appear at the top or bottom of the search engine results page. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website, immediately!

Who are Google Ads good for?

Our Google Ads Agency services are ideal for a range of businesses, including:

  • e-commerce
  • Those with high search volume products
  • Those facing high competition
  • Those wanting to target new markets

Who are Google Ads bad for?

Google ads may not be ideal for:

  • Tech start-ups
  • Businesses with very tight margins
  • Businesses that can’t or don’t want to scale
  • Small businesses that are in competition with big banks or insurance companies
  • Businesses launching products that are so different no one is searching for them

Do Google ads help SEO?

Partnering with a Google Ads Agency like us often results in increased organic rankings, complementing your SEO efforts.

How much do Google Ads Cost?

Google ads are broken up into two fees:

  1. Your management fee goes to us for doing the work of running and managing your ads.
  2. Your ad spend, which is the amount of money that goes to Google for them running your ads on their platform, to their users.

Google ads are charged by the click. Google prices the cost of each click based on how competitive your industry and area are, so the costs vary greatly from client to client. We can take a peek under the hood and tell you what to expect to spend based on your goals. As a general rule of thumb though, every business should anticipate spending at least $500/mo in ad spend.

Can I pay only for the leads I get?

There are certain industries where we will participate in a ‘lead-gen’ program where we manage the ads and pay for the ad spend ourselves and only charge you for the lead, call or set appointment. We typically charge $10-50 per call or $250-300 per booked appointment. If you think this may suit you, please fill out our quote form.

We’ve worked with clients in almost every industry

As a versatile Google Ads Agency, we’ve worked with clients across various industries, understanding unique needs and challenges. No matter what industry or niche your business is in, the framework of how to improve your SEO and online leads is the same for all industries.

  • Legal & Lawyers (Civil, Criminal, Personal Injury)
  • Healthcare (Practitioners, Doctors, Therapists, Clinics)
  • Travel (Hotels, Agencies)
  • Education (Coaching, Tutoring)
  • Professional Services (Financial, Real Estate, B2C, B2B)
  • Physical Products eCommerce (Shopify, Amazon)
  • Telecom (Cabling, Phone Systems)
Rob Riverso Market Research and design client testimonial

Taylor + Wolfe managed the entire design and marketing effort for my start-up. They brought my company from an idea to a tangible concept and provided our us with tremendous credibility straight out of the gate … I would hire them again immediately.

ROB RIVERSO FinTech Startup

Tony Hewer Social Media Client Testimonial

Taylor + Wolfe managed our social media and were amazing to work with. They had great ideas, thought outside the box, and brought us real results – increased traffic to our websites, more followers on social media, and increased attendance at our art events.

TONY HEWER Koffler Centre of the Arts

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