Pricing Guidelines

Our pricing tables are merely a guideline. We don’t believe in putting firm prices in front of clients until we have a full understanding of their business requirements and goals.

With that in mind, not only are we creatively minded strategists and designers, but we’re creative deal-makers too. There are several ways to structure payouts, retainers and commissions in our business so please get in touch even if funds are tight. It’s our mission to get you earning more money and while it may require a small, upfront investment in your business, your increase in revenue will soon surpass the fees it requires to keep us onboard.

You can engage with us on a per-service basis, through monthly retainers or if you’re an agency that would like to add our services to your current portfolio, get in touch for white label rates.

Monthly Pricing


  • Flat pricing available too.


  • 9 month agreement min.


  • Flat pricing available too.
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Growth Strategy

It’s common for healthy companies to have a handful of strategists regularly reviewing their practices and results, offering outside insights and advice. This helps your company keep an edge up on the competition and stay ahead of the curve on adopting better ways of operating.

Most importantly, regular consultation keeps you focused and accountable to staying on a path of steady growth and results. When you have a clear action plan you don’t waste time trying to figure out your next move and wondering if you’re on target to hit your goals. Instead you move forward with confidence, peace of mind and data backing you up!

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Executive Consultation

Portfolio Review

Social Media Assessment

Marketing Strategy Review

Key Findings Report

Strategy Planning

Coaching & Implementation

Digital Marketing

While there are a few services in this category that we can parse out for a flat-fee, on the whole, digital marketing needs time to work. Remember Tamagotchi’s from the late 90’s? They were digital pets that you had to remember to feed and water (digitally, haha) or they would die. Your online presence is exactly the same way. Your website and social media channels mimic a living organism in the same way that they need to be regularly nurtured by fresh content and they take time to grow and bear fruit. But, when planted and nurtured correctly and consistently, that harvest will come and feed you well!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lead Generation

PPC Advertising

Google My Business

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Click Funnels

Custom Design

Design on monthly retainer? Yep. Stop paying over-priced agencies wildly different rates for different design jobs and being hit with a fee every single time you need a revision. Or, kill that annual salary you’re paying for that in-house designer who can’t meet all your design needs or leaves you over budget when you hit down time. Lastly, are you currently spending way too much time doing your design yourself when you should be focused on building your business, all the while ending up with subpar results because you’re not a professional designer?

When you retain Taylor + Wolfe monthly for your design needs, you can buy a chunk of hours each month to use however you want. If you go over one month, we’ll adjust your plan up accordingly at a favorable rate. Save money, be more efficient, get the results you need!

Website Design


Digital Content





Per-Service Pricing

Per-Service pricing drastically depends on many variables of the job at hand. If you’re mixing and matching several services on a flat-rate, one-time basis, we can offer better pricing when services are bundled. For example, maybe you want a social media assessment for a one-time flat fee and then you want to hire us to manage your Instagram channel and design your digital content. These three services span our three categories of services and we’ll bundle them to offer you an unbeatable price. Reach out today and let’s get started!

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The team at Taylor + Wolfe managed the entire design and marketing effort for my start-up, Autonomy Insurance. Taylor + Wolfe brought the company from an idea to a tangible concept – they provided our start up with tremendous credibility straight out of the gate with clean, crisp design from our branding, to our online presence (web and social media) and pitch decks. They just have a great instinct and intuition for design and what works. I would hire them again immediately.
Keaton Taylor was instrumental in a complete and very successful rebuild of our health not-for-profit website. We needed to fuse two formerly separate spaces, a services-oriented website as well as a fundraising website, and we needed to move from an old static build to one that was dynamic (mobile friendly), form-enabled and easy to update on the fly. We needed a complete overhaul and rethink of how the site was structured, and Keaton was great at digging in and getting it figured out quickly. He is very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the work, and very logical, while at the same time hugely creative with a great design vision, and also very good at listening to clients. That mix of the technical, logical, creative and people-oriented skills is very hard to find, so we were lucky that Keaton was available.
Kathleen Sandusky, CASEY HOUSE
Keaton was the consummate professional: his eye for detail, his artistic decisions, and his willingness to accommodate my constraints and deadlines surpassed any reasonable expectation I could have had or hoped for. Highly recommend. Anyone with a project needing style and efficiency would be lucky to work with Keaton.
Stephanie So, Geeq
Keaton was responsible for taking a new corporate identity and developing concept, design and production of Asigra’s marketing materials for both internal and external audiences. Keaton also was a key member of our team when undergoing a website redesign, helping with vendor selection, design direction and development of additional web assets.
Keaton has a great design aesthetic and was able to balance his design ideas with the functional and business requirements of his work. Keaton also managed external graphic designers as needed and kept his cool when under the gun!”
Amrita Chandra, ASIGRA
Taylor Wolfe Design Logo Reversed

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