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Lakeland Midwifery Care

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Lakeland Midwifery Care is a very unique private practice in Lakeland, Florida. Their old website had lapsed and they operated without a site for almost an entire year before engaging Taylor + Wolfe for a new site build on a budget. We got them up and running right away, launching the site in February 2018.

We have not yet begun a formal SEO contract, but you can see here that their traffic is steadily growing every month just from the on-page SEO optimization we did for their website during the build. We also optimized their Google My Business page.

If you currently have a website and don’t want to commit to a monthly SEO agreement, but would like to pay a one-time fee for us to optimize your current site and see what difference it makes, then send us an email! All of our services are available individually or in monthly packages.

Keaton from Taylor + Wolfe Design worked with our small business from planning to execution of our website, with enhanced SEO. In the few short weeks since our new website’s content launched, our business has experienced a surge in inquiries and bookings. I am so, so thankful for Keaton’s kindness, expertise, and stellar customer service as we began to branch out into new markets. I cannot recommend this business highly enough! If you’re looking for more traffic to your site, a site upgrade, and a friendly company to make it all happen for you, then Taylor + Wolfe is the business for you!

— Amanda Mann
Director LM, Lakeland Midwifery Care

  • Website Design

  • SEO: On-Page

  • Content Strategy

  • GMB Optimization


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  1. Budget website design with a very fast turnaround
  2. On-page search engine optimization
  3. Consistent growth in traffic and REVENUE
  4. Google My Business Page optimization
  • Website Design

  • SEO: On-Page

  • Content Strategy

  • GMB Optimization

Content Strategy
Website Design
GMB Optimization


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Lakeland Midwifery Care has experienced an immediate surge in the quantity and quality of clients they are servicing!

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