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What is Midwife Marketing?

Midwife digital marketing focuses on how to amplify your birthing businesses’ brand awareness and online traffic so you attract and acquire new patients using a scalable system we set up for you. In the process, we improve elements of your business operations as it relates to servicing and tracking the new leads coming in. Over time, not only will your business grow, but you’ll build powerful data to help you scale.

Strategic midwife marketing should enhance the patient experience and build stronger relationships through marketing tactics like running ads, content development and SEO (search engine optimization).

We approach all digital marketing with a custom strategic approach that is tailored to your birthing services, brand, customers, goals and budget.


How does digital marketing for midwives work?

It’s really simple:

  1. We’ll have a free consultation discussing your specific business, goals and budget.
  2. We’ll build a custom strategy for you based on that consultation, defining the best use of your funds to reach your goals.
  3. If you approve of the strategy and want to move forward, we’ll take payment and get started.
  4. From then on, we’re like your digital strategic partner, here for any questions you may have and capable of adding on any new digital services you may need over time.

Why should I hire you for my midwife marketing?

  1. We are experienced in this niche and have a deep understanding of the business, target audiences and their pain points.
  2. We have a proven track record of success with all of our midwife clients.
  3. A lot of marketing agencies will only put up ads or only apply certain components of SEO to your website, but they aren’t knowledgeable in branding, design, funnels and overall conversion optimization, like we are. See, getting traffic to your website is just half the battle. Getting that traffic to CONVERT into a real lead is the other half. We do both really well and that sets us apart too.

We Get Results!

Below are recent screenshots from one of our leading birth center / midwifery clients. We’ve been growing them since 2018 with consistent and gradual results. They enjoy 35-50 new client leads per month from our SEO and Google Ad Management. What could that do for your business?

Google Ads Analytics for Midwife Marketing

Our expertise in the midwifery, doula, birth center space gives us the upper-hand in tailoring your Google Ads so they’re cost-effective and efficient – driving highly qualified traffic to your landing pages. We’ll also optimize those landing pages so they are primed to convert our ad traffic.

This chart shows the growth of organic search traffic based on ranking more and more keywords over time. This is ultimately what SEO is. When this midwifery client started with us, they weren’t getting much if any organic traffic. Now, they’re getting 3-5k organic hits to their site per month and growing!

SEO analytics for midwife marketing

Expert Copywriting for Midwives & Birth Centers

Our strategic partner with content and copywriting is April Leiffer Henry (she/her), the founder and owner of Pregnancy & Birth Stories, LLC, a company that creates content for birth centers, midwives, doulas, and lactation consultants.

April understands physiologic birth and how to write about it in an evidence-based, non-judgmental way. Hiring Taylor + Wolfe for your midwife marketing means that we won’t need to burden you with educating us on what unmedicated, out-of-hospital birth is and how it works because we already know!

About April Leiffer Henry (she/her)

After working in mainstream healthcare marketing for several years, April saw the need for birth workers to have strong digital content. She took her professional knowledge and combined it with her personal interest in midwifery to start a freelance writing business. April knows about holistic pregnancy and physiologic birth and is committed to writing about them in an evidence-based, non-judgmental way. She’s had three unmedicated births, including one planned home birth, and she’s interviewed many birth workers, giving her an expansive knowledge of reproductive health. Called “Mama” by her three living children, April has also experienced three miscarriages. She aims to tell stories about all aspects of reproductive health, holding space for grief and joy, which often collide during the parenting journey. She’s passionate about racial justice, LGBTQIA+ affirmation, and inclusive language.

midwife marketing illustration of baby in utero digital

Midwifery growth + Compliance

Our healthcare marketing teams are experienced in helping you reach your marketing goals while factoring in up-to-date industry regulations (like HIPPA) into your custom marketing strategies. We will build your brand’s awareness, drive traffic, bookings and donations all while following compliance.

Ideal Marketing Services for Midwives:

  • Google Ads
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Website builds or redesigns
  • FB, IG or Tiktok Ads
  • Brand design or refresh
  • Sales funnels
  • Consultation
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
Rob Riverso Market Research and design client testimonial

Keaton from Taylor + Wolfe worked with our midwifery business from planning to execution of our website, with enhanced SEO. In the few short weeks since our new website’s content launched, our business has experienced a surge in inquiries and bookings. I am so, so thankful for Keaton’s kindness, expertise, and stellar customer service as we began to branch out into new markets. I cannot recommend this business highly enough! If you’re looking for more traffic to your site, a site upgrade, and a friendly company to make it all happen for you, then Taylor + Wolfe is the business for you!

AMANDA MANN Lakeland Midwifery Care

Tony Hewer Social Media Client Testimonial

Keaton Taylor was instrumental in a complete and very successful rebuild of our health not-for-profit website. We needed to fuse two formerly separate spaces, a services-oriented website as well as a fundraising website, and we needed to move from an old static build to one that was dynamic (mobile friendly), form-enabled and easy to update on the fly. We needed a complete overhaul and rethink of how the site was structured, and Keaton was great at digging in and getting it figured out quickly. He is very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the work, and very logical, while at the same time he is hugely creative with a great design vision, and is also very good at listening to clients. That mix of the technical, logical, creative and people-oriented skills is very hard to find, so we were lucky that Keaton was available.

KATHLEEN SANDUSKY Casey House Hospital

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